My Collection of Books by Everyman's Library

My Collection of Books by Everyman's Library

My Collection of Books by Everyman's LibraryMy Collection of Books by Everyman's Library

My Favorite Author - Marcel Proust

Proust's Novel - In Search of Lost Time

Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time (À la Recherche du Temps Perdu) is my favorite book and author of all time. I will expand on this page and wax poetically and rant and rave about Proust’s brilliance and wonderful prose and why he is my favorite author in the future, but for starters, simply want to create a space to talk in the future about Proust’s wonder on this website.

And of course, I want to bring to the viewer’s attention the four Everyman’s Library volumes of Proust’s magnum opus as well. Click the button to go to the Everyman’s Library’s UK website to learn more about the four volumes of In Search for Lost Time.

“For a long time, I would go to bed early.” There, that’s the first sentence of the Proust's novel. You’ve officially started. Now only 4000 pages to go!  Happy reading.

It is the most beautiful thing I have every read.

- Troy

Everyman's Proust Volumes

 “A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves.”

-- Marcel Proust


I'm Telling Ya, Proust Really Is My Favorite Author!

Proust Scholar William Carter's Website & Online Course

I have had the honor and pleasure of meeting Mr. Carter – a Proust Scholar that has dedicated his entire life to Proust and his great novel, In Search of Lost Time. He is simply put, an absolutely wonderful gentleman and kind as the day is long. - Troy

“Join renowned Proust biographer William C. Carter as he guides you through In Search of Lost Time. Read the novel and enjoy the lectures on your own schedule. 30 multimedia lectures with reading assignments, supplementary files, and live webcams. Subscribers have a lifetime membership with unlimited access to the lectures.” – From Mr. Carter’s Website’s ABOUT Page