My Collection of Books by Everyman's Library

My Collection of Books by Everyman's Library

My Collection of Books by Everyman's LibraryMy Collection of Books by Everyman's Library
David Campbell w/ Mick Jagger at Everyman's Library launch party in 1991. (Credit EL Instagram Page)

Mick Jagger & Madonna Love Everyman's Library Classics!

Mick & His Three Sets of Everyman’s Library Books

At the Everyman’s Launch party in 1991 – the present era of Everyman’s Library – Mick Jagger bought three complete sets. Says Campbell of Jagger buying three sets at such a crucial time for the re-launch of the Everyman’s Library imprint: “an incredible piece of luck at the start.”¹ And in another article for The Telegraph in 2006, Campbell reiterated Jagger’s excitement and purchase, saying, “Mick took to them, and ordered a few sets at the launch party.”²

Madonna & Her Country House & Everyman’s Library Books

And in the same Telegraph article mentioned above, the article goes on to talk about Madonna’s affection for Everyman’s Library books: “Madonna reportedly likes the new-look Everymans so much that she has silted her country house with them.”² 

The article points out as well that Madonna credits Everyman’s Library for bringing to her attention Herodotus – The Histories. It’s not every day that I am on the same stage/at-the-same-level with Madonna, but with regard to never having heard of Herodotus until the Everyman’s Library edition brought it to my attention – well on that front, Madonna and I stand side by side!

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Mick & Madonna are Hooked And Everyman's Library Celebrates its 25th Year Anniversary!!!

"Four hundred Champagne glasses are en route to the Royal Academy;  Rothschilds, Rushdies and Jaggers are coming; and the buzz is that  Prince Charles will turn up. Everyman Library - the publishing  phenomenon credited with introducing Madonna to Herodotus - is throwing  its centenary party next week.


Herodotus: The Histories - Madonna and Troy's New Discovery!

Herodotus - The US & the UK Link:

To learn more about the new Everyman's Library edition of Herodotus - The Histories, visit the following two Everyman's sites: