My Collection of Books by Everyman's Library

My Collection of Books by Everyman's Library

My Collection of Books by Everyman's LibraryMy Collection of Books by Everyman's Library

Author David McCaleb

The Red Op Thriller Series by Author David McCaleb

Thank you for taking an extra moment to allow me the opportunity to bring to your attention three fantastic novels in the action-adventure genre by my dearest of friends, David McCaleb. I appreciate your taking the time to let me bring to your attention his national bestselling Red Op Thriller Series.  Do consider reading one yourself or picking one up for a family member or friend that enjoys the thriller genre. David and (his bride) Dorie’s son and daughter’s college tuition and education are counting on your support!  

As for David and I, we grew up together on adjacent farms on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and, well, he has been with me through thick and thin – or rather, the majority of the time it is I who have dragged him through thick and thin truth be told – and honestly, with adulthood bringing about even more precarious situations of mine, the teenage years, in retrospect being a walk in the park. Every time I’ve turned to David, he has been there for me, like a brother – though he did try to kill me off like a character in one of his books by flipping a canoe one time in the middle of winter while it was snowing – and there was this other time…

….well, maybe I should stop there. I’ve got stories that probably shouldn’t be put in writing, so from here, I’ll let David’s website do the talking.  Enjoy his incredible books! 

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Testimonials for McCaleb's Red Op Series

David McCaleb has a real winner here. Red Harmon is a guy I’d want on my side.” 

– Marc Cameron, New York Times bestselling author of Power and Empire

“Strap in tight and leave your disbelief behind.  Just my type of action thriller.  I read it in a blur.”

– George Easter, Editor of Deadly Pleasures magazine.

“If you’re looking for suspense, nonstop action, and a hero you can root for, The Red Ops series will clean your X ring.”

– David Poyer, author of TIPPING POINT and ONSLAUGHT

“Author David McCaleb leaves readers breathless until the very end.”   “An ending so explosive and so technical you won’t see it coming.”

– Fran Lewis: Just reviews / MJ Magazine

“David McCaleb delivers with RELOAD! Red Harmon is a gritty hero who  comes through in the clutch and McCaleb’s gripping plot is the stuff of  today’s headlines. A must read for all fans of thriller fiction!”

– A.J. Tata, National Bestselling Author of Besieged

“A fantastic read that I could not put down.” 

– Marc Cameron, NYT Bestselling Author of BRUTE FORCE