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Bust onto the Literary Scene w/ these 81 Picks by Everyman's

A Pre-Curated List of 81 Everyman's to Kick Off Your Collection

I ran across this link of 81 Greats on the UK Everyman's Library website and thought it would be a great resource for someone looking to start collecting  - or just to cherry pick 10 or 20 of their favorites - and call it a day!

Here is the beauty of this curated page:

  • Suggests 10 Great Classics
  • Suggests 20 Great Classics (simply adds 10 more)
  • Suggests 50 Great Classics (likely includes the 20 + 30 more)

In addition to the 50 set, it also suggests the following themed ELs:

  • 19 Everyman's - Nobel Laureates
  • 12 Everyman's - Booker-Winning Authors

There is a thumbnail picture of each Everyman's Library book - all 81 of them:

Simply click on an individual book's cover picture and a pop-up window will come up with the following information pertaining to the chosen book:

  • The Book's Title & Author
  • A Brief Description of the Book
  • Who Wrote the Introduction
  • Other Everyman's by the Same Author (if more than one)
  • And other bits of Information Pertaining to the Selected Book

In short, just a resourceful and fun page/link provided by the  Everyman's Library's UK website that I thought was worthwhile to bring to viewers' attention.

NOTE: Re: Cartoon at the top of the Page - it is by Bruce Eric Kaplan.  (I want to assume it was printed in the New Yorker, but I can't find exact proof of this.  But again, Bruce Eric Kaplan is the artist it seems, so full-credit to his work.)

Everyman's Library Curated List of 81 Classics

Don't know where to start - or looking for additional classics to sink your teeth into?  Overwhelmed by trying to collect upwards of 400 classics?  Then how about starting with these 81 initial, tried-and-true treasures!