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Resourses for Collecting John Dent's Everyman's Collection

Collecting John Dent and Ernest Rhys’ original 1000+ Everyman’s Library editions is not my bailiwick, but I feel I would be absolutely remiss not to touch briefly, respectfully, and honorably on the topic at a bare minimum. 

A huge debt of gratitude is owed and due to Dent and Rhys for their vision and goal of Everyman’s Library: putting together a collection of the world’s finest literature that would appeal “to every kind of reader: the worker, the student, the cultured man, the child, the man and the woman” is beyond admirable and commendable.

So, again, my collection – and this website – is 100% dedicated to the present-day Everyman’s Library collection of over 650 + books and growing.  But there are over a 1000 + books in Dent and Rhys’ original collection, spanning the first half of the 20th Century before then spending another two or three decades petering out – until Mr. Campbell’s arrival on the scene in 1990 with the moderns that are, again, discussed and listed in detail on this website.

John Dent & Ernest Rhys, what stunning vision you had and a lasting legacy you both left.

Here are some online resources for those interested in collecting Dent & Rhys’ Collection:

Here are some sites with great pictures of old ELs that are also for sale:

A Guide to Collecting [Dent's] Everyman's Library by Terry Seymour

This seems to be the definitive guide to collecting Dent’s Everyman’s Library – a must-have for collectors it seems. Order it by clicking the button provided or by visiting your local bookstore and seeing if they can help you order one.

Collecting [Dent's] Everyman's Library