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Dad's Everyman's Library Pocket Classics - Short Stories

The Journey To My Dad’s Pocket Classic Collection

Stage 1:  Several years ago – when I was aware of Everyman’s Library books but did not know I’d be the passionate collector I am today – I bought my father, Tom Farlow, the Everyman’s Library Golf Stories Pocket Classic. The book was pretty, erudite, literary, affordable – and yes, my Dad loves golf. Presto: Everyman’s Library Golf Stories Pocket Classic - the perfect gift!

Stage 2:  A few years went by – along with my passion for collecting the Everyman’s Library classics picking up considerable speed – and for his birthday on October 26th of 2018, I bought him the Stories of Fatherhood Pocket Classic. It was a sentimental gift that I treasured giving him and he treasured receiving.

Stage 3: Christmas of 2018 came – and in addition to my rapidly expanding collection – I gave practically everyone in my family an Everyman's Library book, including  my stepmother the Stories of Motherhood Pocket Classics as a special gift.  I also gave my father the Erotic Stories Pocket Classics, with the logic being that if he couldn’t get around to all the Golf stories and/or Fatherhood stories, then maybe he would make a more concerted effort with the Erotic Stories, ha!

Stage 4: I discovered that we had a closet poet in the family – my Aunt Margaret – and so after gifting her the Poems of Gratitude Everyman’s Library Pocket Poet edition and then five other editions, I decided it was time to bring her out of the closet.  She is now rapidly collecting all 116 Pocket Poets editions. With me scouring used bookstores in New York City and her doing the same on Ebay and online and at the Book Bin on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, she is almost half-way to her full and complete Pocket Poet collection!

Stage 5: With the 400 EL Classics as my bailiwick, the 116 EL Pocket Poets as Aunt Margaret’s, I thought it would only be nature for Dad (who already had the budding seeds of his own Pocket Classics collection started) to pick up the mantle of collecting all 28 of the EL Pocket Classics. I asked him if he was interested? He said, "Yes!", And, well, the rest is Everyman’s Library Pocket Classics Collecting history!

I am touched and endeared that he agreed to come along for the ride with a hobby that is important and dear to me.  Hopefully I will be finished with a full set of the classics by the end of 2019. I am most certain there will be a lovely set of Pocket Poets at my aunt’s house by year's end. And now, with Dad’s collection, a lovely, full set of Pocket Classic short stories for the entire family as well - all safe and sound and on colorful display and ready to be read and enjoyed and treasured at Dad and Jean's house!

Thanks for joining in on the fun Dad - it means a lot.  Happy collecting!

- Troy

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Dad's Pocket Classics Lists


The Haves!

  1. Bedtime Stories
  2. Berlin Stories - Release Date: Nov. 15, 2019
  3. Cat Stories
  4. Christmas Stories
  5. Erotic Stories
  6. Fishing Stories
  7. Golf Stories
  8. London Stories
  9. New York Stories
  10. Rome Stories
  11. Russian Stories
  12. Saki: Selected Stories
  13. Shaken and Stirred: Intoxicating Stories
  14. Stories from the Kitchen
  15. Stories of Art and Artists
  16. Stories of Fatherhood
  17. Stories of Motherhood
  18. Stories of the Sea
  19. The Maple Stories: John Updike
  20. The Olinger Stories: John Updike
  21. Venice Stories

The Have-Nots!

  1. Detective Stories
  2. Dog Stories
  3. Ghost Stories
  4. Horse Stories
  5. Love Stories
  6. Paris Stories
  7. Wedding Stories

Troy's Collection of Pocket Classics


Short Stories Galore!

My love and dedication remains with the EL Classics and Contemporary Classics - but boy oh boy, I have also been smitten, as of late, with these EL Pocket Classics! Where everything in New York - where I currently live - is fast paced and 24/7 go go go, a short story is quicker and easier to digest and conquer at the present moment.

27 Pocket Classics with 10 to 15 short stories on average in each book - well, what a literary treasure trove at one's fingertips - and insanely affordable.  Sign  me up!  I'm sold! 

AND THE MOST IMPORTANT PART: I have already read a lot of the stories in these wonderful anthologies.  Stories about London, Rome, Venice, New York, and Paris - or stories about love, drinking, and even erotic stories - what's not to love? 

Everyman's Library: the gift that just keeps on giving.

- Troy

Troy's Haves - The Complete Set!

  1. Bedtime Stories
  2. Berlin Stories - Release Date: Nov. 15, 2019
  3. Cat Stories
  4. Christmas Stories
  5. Detective Stories
  6. Dog Stories
  7. Erotic Stories
  8. Fishing Stories
  9. Ghost Stories
  10. Golf Stories
  11. Horse Stories
  12. Love Stories
  13. New York Stories
  14. London Stories
  15. Paris Stories
  16. Rome Stories
  17. Russian Stories
  18. Saki: Selected Stories
  19. Shaken & Stirred: Intoxicating Stories
  20. Stories from the Kitchen
  21. Stories of Art and Artist
  22. Stories of Fatherhood
  23. Stories of Motherhood
  24. Stories of the Sea
  25. The Maple Stories: John Updike
  26. The Olinger Stories: John Updike
  27. Venice Stories
  28. Wedding Stories